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11 reasons why The Morbegs was the ultimate Irish kids show


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FOR IRISH PEOPLE of a certain age, The Morbegs was the most important show on television.

It aired every afternoon on RTÉ Two (née Network 2) and played a formative role in your childhood.

You worshipped Molly and Rossa

They were practically your pals growing up.

Sure, you mightn’t have had a notion what they were supposed to be…

What is a Morbeg, exactly? Nobody knows!


But you have genuinely considered naming your children after them

Morbegs = #influencers

Everyone knows that it had the best theme song

A song that’s been stuck in your head since, oh, 1999.

You often wonder what became of the fabled Growing Tree

Did they save it? Did the Growing Tree perish? Were The Morbegs having a dream?


morgb Source: killianm2/Twitter

It also had a rather illustrious cast…

Morbegs trivia: Molly was voiced by none other than Tara Flynn!

molly Source: Tara Flynn/Twitter

And it also featured Carrie Crowley.

carrie Source: killianm2/YouTube

It was actually pretty progressive for its time

Case in point? This episode in which Rossa got sad because he wasn’t allowed to wear a pink skirt.


And it had cute messages like this


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You pity children who don’t who Molly or Rossa are

Your loss, kids.

And you firmly believe Netflix should revive it

If they can revive The Gilmore Girls, they can revive The Morbegs.

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morb Source: YouTube

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