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6 surefire ways to make Morrissey lose his cool on Twitter

He’s joined. He’s finally joined!

HE’S ONLY JUST joined Twitter, but already attention is turning to what will make Morrissey throw a strop on the social network.

He appeared (along with the all-important blue tick) yesterday, and has so far only sent two tweets to his 177,000 and counting followers.


So, who’ll be the first to make him snap? Here are some contenders:

Anyone who does this

Anyone tweeting about meat

Mozza is a staunch veggie. Prepare your pictures of medium rare steaks and bacon sandwiches.

Gas DJs

Variations on the lyrics of Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

Anyone who hurts his feelings

Anyone who doesn’t like cat pictures

Morrissey is a cat fan. We know because of these pictures:

tumblr_m2xcmtyEpb1rrck8bo1_500 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_m2xcloG6M21rrck8bo1_500 Source: Tumblr

mozcat2 Source: Slicingupeyeballs

And in his recent autobiography he wrote about a stray cat he befriended in Dublin:

He patiently waits for me every morning but disowns me once he is fed.
There will be less suffering in his eyes as the weeks pass, yet his business down Dublin’s back alleys is of more concern to him than the variety of cat basket enticements that I lay out for him should he want to edge in permanently.

So, we’re hoping for some pussy pics (CAREFUL NOW) from Mozza.

kTEXknx Source: Imgur

Can you tell if these Morrissey quotes are real or fake?>

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