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10 of the most epic burns the world has ever seen

Burns unit for all of these poor unfortunates. Quick now.

“L’ESPRIT DE L’ESCALIER” or “staircase wit” is what the French call that maddening situation of coming up with a perfect retort hours, days or even years after an argument.

While some of us agonise over past squabbles for years, wondering what we could have done to save face, others are naturally very talented at delivering swift and devastating burns straight away.

These people will make you wish you were more quick-witted. Try not to hate them. Learn from them.

We’ll start with some easy ones…

1) This no-holds-barred response to street art

Zsvl2RW Source: Imgur

2) This rather fair assessment of the situation

jwb0xsx Source: Imgur

3) When TV3 told RTÉ where to go with their dramas


Now they’re heating up a little bit

4) When Kris Jenner got real with Kim Kardashian

(Context: Kim was married to former husband Kris Humphries for 72 days.)

Burn! - Imgur Source: Imgur

5) When Tom from MySpace schooled this cheeky tweeter

hLV4k Source: Imgur

6) When this person’s deep thought backfired

RRQSn Source: Imgur

7) When Zach Galifianakis got one over on Bruce Willis

tumblr_ln1nnkjJOi1qzado8o1_500 Source: Tumblr

And the big ones…

8) When TV host Andy Levy “apologised” to Chris Brown for this tweet

MdfE5xd Source: Imgur

Source: PathOfJioFreed/YouTube

9) This personal ad burn that made us go “OH SNAP”

Hlcor8P Source: Imgur

10) When Anderson Cooper stopped the haters in their tracks

We admire his commitment to the burn.

CW5cw Source: Imgur

yTq1MAd Source: Imgur


Apply_cold_water_to_burned_area Source: Wikia

Burn_Care_470000 Source: Firstaidsupplies

coverburn Source: NLM

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