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Here's why over 40,000 people are 'queueing' to get into a website

It’s EXCLUSIVE, don’t you know?

WOULD YOU QUEUE to get into a website? No? Well, a surprising amount of people are doing just that.

The Most Exclusive Website (yes, that is the name) only allows one person inside every sixty seconds.


When you reach the homepage, you take a ticket and wait in line - at the moment, there are 40,099 people in the ‘queue’.

DailyEdge.ie took ticket #248799 with 39,942 people ahead of us, meaning we have to wait more than 665 hours until we can get ‘exclusive access’ to the website.

Comments from people who actually did the time and accessed the website span a wide range of emotions:




And what’s the goal? What is the point of all this waiting? Well…

*Spoilers, obviously*

Source: T Tran/YouTube

That’s right. Once your wait is up, the website sends you cat pictures.

We can think of worse things to do with our time. Now to knuckle down for that 665-hour wait…

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