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10 of the most ridiculously hipster cafés on the planet

Good God.

YOU THINK DUBLIN is bad for hipster cafés?

We’re not a patch on these guys.

1. This vaping café in Shoreditch

The Vape Lab was billed as the first ever ”electronic-cigarette-store-cum-coffee-shop” and invited people to, well, vape and chat over a cup of coffee. As the owners told The Guardian:

When you vape, you can relax. Most of the time, customers who don’t know each other sit down and start having a chat.

And, yes, it had its own Bitcoin machine.

Did you ever hear the like?

2. This porridge café

Porridge Café is a pop-up store dedicated to selling different types of porridge. We like porridge and all — it’s a nutritious way to start the day! — but £4.50 for a bowl of banana and Kinder chocolate porridge?

Ah now.

3. This bar that modelled on your Nan’s house

1901790_431792433633024_537412251_n Source: Facebook

Wish your local was just a bit more cutesy? Think teapots are an appropriate vessel for cocktails? Then you’ll love Little Nan’s Cocktail Den, a bar modelled on your granny’s house.


4. This café where you can chill with an owl perched on your arm

Annie The Owl was a pop-up café designed to educate Londoners about their feathered pals. People could pay £20 to drink smoothies and take selfies with owls?

We don’t know anymore.

5. This pay-as-you-go café

1375750_680233448764858_1304158374960962447_n Source: Ziferblat/Facebook

Ziferblat is a café where you pay for the amount of time you spend there. The rate is 5p per minute and everything inside the café is free for the duration of your stay.

They even offer loyalty cards where you can get “one hour free”.

6. This grilled cheese sandwich café

#Repost @bdsouza79 with @repostapp. ・・・ Mmm #cheese @melt_room

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Source: melt_room/Instagram

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the food of choice for hipsters, so it makes sense that a grilled cheese café would eventually pop up, right?

Melt Café is devoted to the art of grilled cheese sandwiches and, well, nothing else.

Your Mam would lose her life if she heard you were going in there.

7. This cereal café

11263961_993226087378519_7468749209313985771_n Source: Cereal Killer Café/Facebook

Remember Cereal Killer Café? If not, here is a brief summary: it is a café that sells dearly priced bowls of cereal. That’s it.

We think £4.40 for a large bowl of sugary cereal seems excessive, but different strokes for different folks.

8. This vegan cat café


Café Venosa is a vegan café in Montréal… that also helps to rehome homeless cats.

If you think it sounds like something from Portlandia, you’re not wrong.

9. This pop-up café that only sells acai berries

11148687_375213249334010_7430241429639136160_n Source: Oshun Café/Facebook



*holds head in hands, pines for the days when cafés sold food*

10. This café that only serves deep-fried foods

10981956_820101121412670_5651547741179574278_n Source: Messhead/Facebook

Finally, there’s #Fryhard, a pop-up restaurant that inexplicably insisted on deep-frying everything. Deep fried jaffa cakes, deep fried poptarts, deep fried pepperoni pizza — just reading the menu alone is enough to give you a heart attack.

And yes, there’s a hashtag in the name.

Says it all, really.

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