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13 of the most inappropriate 'sexy' Halloween costumes for women

It’s the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeeearrr…

IT’S WITHIN EVERY woman’s rights to dress however she wants on Halloween – but really, no one in their right mind would don the increasingly outlandish costumes peddled out each year in the name of ‘sexy’.

Who makes these costumes? Why? How can we make it stop?

Sexy Scrabble

sexyscrabble Source: Spirit Halloween

S-E-X-Y. That’s 14 points, and a double word score!

Sexy Minion from Despicable Me

minion Source: Yandy.com

Kids’ films: endless inspiration for ‘sexy’ Halloween get-up.

Sexy shark

cozy-shark-adult-costume Source: Halloween Costumes

Sharks are hot, you guys!

Sexy Fozzie Bear

fozziebear Source: Spirit Halloween

Again, with the kids’ films!

Sexy Silence of the Lambs

silencelambs Source: Spirit Halloween

This one is actually inexplicable and, unsurprisingly, on sale for $10.

Sexy Taco

taco-dress Source: Halloween Costumes

Because there is nothing sexier than mince meat. Nothing.

Sexy… this thing

large-wild_child_costume Source: PartyWorld.ie

‘Wild child costume’. Mmhmm.

Sexy Olaf from Frozen

Olaf-Funny-Snowman-550x990 Source: Yandy.com

Another stunner from Yandy.com, this ‘Funny Snowman’ costume is loosely, loosely based on Olaf, the talking snowman from Frozen.

Guess what. It’s sold out.

Sexy bottle of mustard

mustard Source: Spirit Halloween

As everyone knows, condiments are the most sensual of all foodstuffs.

Sexy disembowelment

07194889.interactive.a Source: Spirit Halloween

For women, and the gore fetishists that love them.

Sexy Rosie the Riveter

halloween_costumes__adult-riveting-darling-costume Source: Halloween Costumes Max

This is just depressing.

Sexy droog

droog Source: Spirit Halloween

One of the least sexy films of all time, please meet one of the least sexy costumes of all time.

Sexy lobster

sexy lobster Source: Yandy.com

This. All of this.

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