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11 of the most Irish dad things that have ever happened

Here’s to you, dads.

1. When this dad got the ultimate Easter treat

guinness hunt Ger Duffy Ger Duffy

2. When this dad was extremely fond of his own sense of humour

Could have come from any one of them. ANY ONE.

3. When this Offaly dad took care of a sick calf in the middle of the kitchen

13043339_994033630665477_6244971617433187707_n Facebook / iRadio Facebook / iRadio / iRadio

Has to be done.

4. When this Cork dad just wanted his little girl to stay little

NSFW language to follow (but kind of understandable all the same):

“Are you trying to send me into cardiac arrest?” Bless you, Mikey.

5. When this dad got ‘all emosh’ on the drink

My dad gets all emosh with the drink on him. Usually results in him buying shite like this. Lads 😂 #ImAPrincess

A photo posted by Mairéad Heffernan (@musicmairead) on

Ahh. You are his princess and all.

6. When this dad got in touch with his inner diva

7. When this dad pulled off the most ‘dad’ prank

Meanwhile in Ireland / YouTube

9. When this dad had absolutely NO time for modern technology

10. And this dad just couldn’t get a handle on it at all

Evan Griffin / YouTube

10. When this dad had to get the joke in

The star of the #marref coverage, TBH.

11. And when this dad just wanted his son to pass the bloody driving test

Again, the language is NSFW. Irish dads are fond of the colourful language.

ruairidoc / YouTube

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