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16 of the most Limerick things that have ever happened

Only in Limerick.

 1. The time some gas ticket posted this sign above a hand dryer

2. When this Classic Hits 4FM billboard was vandalised by someone with a scatological sense of humour

3. The time someone felt it necessary to erect this sign on the motorway

4. Rockin’ Joes’ enticing plea for people to come in

Feck’s sake, will ya come in!!
B3oI1lKIcAAdzNcSource: tancosy/Twitter

5. This rather brilliant Father Ted protest at Fifty Shades of Grey earlier this year

Outside the Omniplex in Limerick.

download (2) Source: Eimear O'Donovan

6. This unfortunately worded headline about Limerick Council

Breathing new life into a graveyard, eh?

download Source: Limerick Post/Facebook

7. The time a security guard was attacked with a roast chicken

8. The time a bus full of potatoes drove around the city


9. The time a shopkeeper in Adare headed off for a while and made no apologies

Back in 5 minutes. If not read this message again.

ZRvTZH8 Source: Imgur

10. The time an antiques shop basically said “Credit? Are you joking?”

pRGqLtB Source: Imgur

11. The time this horse’s owner said “Don’t go anywhere” and nipped in to get a feed of chips

12. Every single time AA Roadwatch had to inform motorists in Limerick that there was a loose horse on the road



13. The time someone absolutely owned Martin in the middle of a Facebook thread

“Full time fool” = legendary slag.

14. The time someone painted this amazing mural of Paul O’Connell

Has there ever been a more Limerick piece of art? We think not.

15. The time a local businessman decided to name himself “Septic Eddie”

16. And who can forget the time a giant granny marched down the streets of the city?

gra-3 Source: DailyEdge.ie


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