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15 of the most Mayo things that have ever happened


1. When this was an enviable prize

2. When a Westport man had this serious dilemma

BkZTaErIUAAMUiz Source: Twitter/@division1e


3. Every time someone eats Supermacs on the Westport train

4. When a tractor driver caused a 7km tailback because he thought he’d already pulled over

tractortailback Source: The Irish Times

5. When the whole country was up in arms over Benjy the gay bull

benjy Source: Aran

A Mayo farmer was about to send Benjy to the slaughterhouse, but he was rescued by several charity organisations as well as the late Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons.

6. When every celebrity ever to come to Mayo, or meet a Mayo person, was put to work promoting the GAA

Bqj_vpZCIAAAZ4p Source: Twitter/@aideenmurray

(Please note that Roscommon man Chris O’Dowd penned “No f**king way” on his sign.)

7. When even Niagara Falls was made to show its support

CEj3TOrW8AA4h3p Source: Twitter/@mayogathering

In May of this year, Niagara Falls was turned green and red for Mayo Day. Such is the power of Mayo people.

8. When someone tried to organise a rave in Knock on Easter Saturday

knockravefoundation Source: knockrave.co.nr

Glowsticks. Lasers. Camping. MASS. The Catholic Church were a bit put out, as you may well imagine.

9. When Castlebar cinema showed the All Ireland Semi-final

And the Connaught final, too.

10. When a flooded Crossmolina pub got the punters in anyway

Mobile Uploads - TheThatch Crossmolina | Facebook Source: Facebook/TheThatch Crossmolina

crossmolina Source: Facebook/The Thatch Crossmolina

11. When Mid West Radio wanted to broadcast a special mass for ‘an improvement in weather conditions’

GPq25m2 Source: Imgur

But decided not to go ahead with the broadcast after negative reaction. :(

12. When this Claremorris nun stayed up all night to get Bucky

buckfastnun_censored Source: Imgur

13. When everyone in Balla showed up to the only house with Sky Sports on match day

The only house in Balla, Co.Mayo with Sky Sports Source: Facebook/Pundit Arena GAA

14. When this Ballina shop nailed its window advertising

CJFTttVWUAA7Gdh Source: Twitter/@valerieloftus

15. And when this hen party dressed up as Ciaran McDonald

Last night we told ye the story about Jackie ... Source: Facebook/Mayo GAA Banter Page

*eyes mist over with county pride*

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