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14 of the most frightfully middle class things ever

So many notions.

A FEW WEEKS ago, Myleene Klass shared e-mails sent by parents from her children’s school.

They were pretty much the most middle class thing ever.

But those e-mails were just the tip of the iceberg.

May we present the most middle-class things to ever happen.


1. “Oh, we don’t carve pumpkins. We carve peppers.”

2. This cry for help

3. The invention of ironing water

ironingwaterSource: dukejl/Twitter


4. Because what child hasn't wished for a miniature model of Waitrose Fresh Organic Full Cream

5. This terrifying headline that will shake you to your core

6. This magazine

darling Source: mabs/Twitter

7. This unconvincing gangster tattoo

tattoo Source: Sian Welby/Twitter

8. This nugget of advice to someone's younger self

Touching. Inspirational.

9. These crisps

crisps Source: Healthy Supplies


11. This sickeningly posh bone for your bloody dog

bone Source: Peter Murray/Twitter

12. This very threatening graffiti

13. Biscotti - for the discerning baby

14. And finally, chorizo

Chorizo_casero Source: iolegourmet

Just in general.

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