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The 16 most popular DailyEdge.ie lists of 2013

A list of our best lists. META.

HERE ARE THE 16 most popular lists we published on DailyEdge.ie in 2013.

They’re in reverse order, ending with the most popular of all. Enjoy!

16. QUIZ: How posh are you?

Source: Landscape Design Advisor

15. 11 appalling trends you will DEFINITELY spot in an Irish nightclub

Source: Gocitygirl

14. 13 things right-handed people will never understand

Source: Imgur

13. 11 reasons why Cork might actually be better than Dublin

Source: DailyEdge.ie

12. 29 things you’ll only find funny if you’re Irish

Source: Facebook

11. 8 things that make Irish women completely irresistible

Source: PA

10. 26 wonderful photos of terrified Irish lads in a haunted house

Source: The Nightmare Realm

9. These are the most inappropriate selfies in selfie history

Source: Imgur

8. 18 things every Dubliner knows for sure

Source: Photocall Ireland

7. 8 things that make Irish men almost unbearably attractive

Source: sivart13

6. 21 unmistakeable signs you’re a Northside Dubliner at heart

Source: Photocall

5. 21 pubs in Ireland you must visit before you die

Source: bsii

4. 15 things that everyone did in primary school

Source: Photocall Ireland

3. The 14 signs that you’re at an Irish wedding

Source: Shutterstock

2. 26 photos that sum up Ireland perfectly

Source: Aileen Wallace


1. The 11 worst things about having an Irish name abroad

Source: Shutterstock

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