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Website tracks the day's most popular gifs

SPOILER: One Direction are really popular.

GIFHELL.COM IS A website which launched this week and tracks the internet’s most popular gifs based on Twitter shares.  (Aside from pornographic ones, which it’s not currently allowed to share, however seems very keen on sharing at some point.)

Here are the top five at the moment.

Zayn Malik’s fianceé Perry showing off her engagement ring


This puzzle


K-pop singer Chanyeol whacking other K-pop singer Chen


This news reporter whacking a child


And K-pop singer Ryewook lying on some teddies


The rest of the top 20 are made up entirely of One Direction, K-Pop stars, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

So, what have we learned here?  Very little actually.  As expected, young pop fans dominate Twitter.

We did enjoy the slap though.

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