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15 of the most Waterford things that have ever happened

Ah, only in Waterford. <3

1. The time a local shop put up the most Irish ‘on this day’ sign ever

Lovely and sunny, was it?

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2. The time Woody Harrelson played bingo in The Forum

As you do.

B3pFKw0CUAAujh7 Ciaran O'Neill / Twitter Ciaran O'Neill / Twitter / Twitter

3. The time some poor soul got stuck in the loo on The Quay

Tweet by @Owen Mackey Owen Mackey / Twitter Owen Mackey / Twitter / Twitter

4. The time this sign was erected outside New Street Gardens

A+ use of the word “blaggardin’” there.

BuYaFn5IAAAjW9C UrbsInstacta / Twitter UrbsInstacta / Twitter / Twitter

5. The time someone erected the most Irish road sign ever

BMinKofCcAArx1d (1) Big Breakfast Blaa / Twitter Big Breakfast Blaa / Twitter / Twitter

6. The time the city was terrorised by a maniacal seagull named Jonathan

BslWsFGIAAAK48m amyohconnor / Twitter amyohconnor / Twitter / Twitter

7. The time Waterford Credit Union’s slogan was literally “COP ON!”

Axy6kKGCIAAZvSp amyohconnor / Twitter amyohconnor / Twitter / Twitter

8. The time swearing was banned in Waterford </3


9. And Waterfordians hit back by organising a “cursing fest”

The only worthwhile response, really.

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10. The time the most Waterford sign of all time was spotted in a window

Bu8aT43IQAAlzMy John Gushue / Twitter John Gushue / Twitter / Twitter

11. The time a little piggy went on the rampage during the Waterford Harvest Festival

insta Eric Heaslip / YouTube Eric Heaslip / YouTube / YouTube

12. The time someone got “John Mullane” tattooed near their arse cheek

Nothing says “I love mecounty!” like a John Mullane tattoo.

13. This very Waterford celebrity sighting

14. The time some culinary genius invented the “Waterford Pizza Blaa”

Eat your heart out, Domino’s.

BaaXxunIIAALyqI (1) Charlotte Lowe / Twitter Charlotte Lowe / Twitter / Twitter

15. The time Santa was spotted cleaning the road in Tramore

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