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Man had moth live in his head for three days

Welcome to your nightmare.

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LOOKING FOR A new pathological fear? Read on.

A British had to undergo surgery to remove a moth that had flown into his ear and made itself at home there for three days.


Rob Fielding was reading in bed when the winged creature flew into his ear. As he went to brush it out, he accidentally pushed it further into his ear canal and made everyone’s nightmare come true.

He then endured three days of having a moth living in his year before deciding, “Hey, I should maybe go to the hospital about this live insect that’s nesting in my head,” because men be stubborn.

It was awful knowing the moth was flying around inside my head and every now and then when I felt it move, it made me jump out of my skin.

The insect was then removed after a ninety-minute operation and Fielding has since given the dead insect pride of place on his mantlepiece.


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