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A Doritos-flavoured soft drink is being tested in the US


JUST WHEN YOU thought you couldn’t find a more disgusting food concoction than garlic ice cream, this comes along.

Soft drinks giant Pepsico is currently testing a new Doritos-flavoured Mountain Dew drink, rolling it out at colleges across the US.

A Reddit user posted this picture of a Mountain Dew testing table at an Ohio university, where they were offering students samples of a new ‘Dewitos’ flavour.

Catchy name.

DFHcrg3 Source: Imgur

He said it “wasn’t that disgusting” and tasted like “orange with a Doritos aftertaste”.

jwoww-barf_zpsf3ea318b Source: Photobucket

Another taste-tester had a different opinion, though.

And finally, someone with a bit of sense about the whole thing:

Shudder. Don’t worry though – there’s no word on if it will actually make it to shop shelves.

A spokesperson for Mountain Dew told TIME that the company was always testing out new flavours:

We opened up the DEW flavour vault and gave students a chance to try this Doritos-inspired flavour as part of a small program at colleges and universities.

That’s right. Keep it far away from us. Far away.

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