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Movie monsters of your childhood, ranked from least to most scary

We’ve rated every movie monster that haunted us as children. BOO!

MAYBE IT WAS a bad babysitter, or maybe your parents forgot you were still up and in the room.

However it happened, we were all exposed to terrifying film baddies once or twice a few years before we hit the requisite age. Here are the monsters that we STILL look for under the bed at night…

A triffid

Triffids are plants – but what plants. They can uproot themselves and walk, can sting you with a poisonous whip and seem intelligent. But, that said, they’re still plants.

Under bed terror rating: 3.

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons


Stripe was the gremlin leader in the first batch, named after the white tuft of fur on his head. He’s stronger, smarter and deadlier than the other gremlins. But, still, he IS a gremlin, so we weren’t TOO scared.

Under bed terror rating: 4

Gremlins / Wikia Gremlins / Wikia / Wikia

Freddie Krueger

Freddie Krueger was initially extremely pant-wettingly scary, but he’s lost it down through the years. Too much merch, too many parodies. Sorry Freds.

Under bed terror rating: 5

WiffleGif WiffleGif


The first Child’s Play film was released in 1988. Chucky is an evil serial killer who uses voodoo to transfer his soul into a doll. Scary, but still a little difficult to take entirely seriously.

Under bed terror rating: 5.5.

Villians / Wikia Villians / Wikia / Wikia

The Rancor

First seen in Return of the Jedi when Jabba sets one on Luke. Gruesome, gory, sloppy thing.

Under bed terror rating: 5.5.



Predator was released in 1987 and features the nearly invisible creature Predator, who hunts humans for sport. He’d give you some box now.

Under bed terror rating: 6.

Sodahead Sodahead

Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th’s main antagonist (well, along with his mother). Responsible for making hockey masks so bloody terrifying.

Under bed terror rating: 6

Wikimedia Wikimedia

Michael Myers

From the classic Halloween slasher flicks, first appearing in 1978. Said to be pure evil, even as a child – almost a supernatural force of evil. Seems unkillable. Gulp

Under bed terror rating: 7


The egg and the facehugger and, of course, the chestburster. Not to forget The Alien itself. Cry.

Under bed terror rating: 8

Wikimedia / Fox Wikimedia / Fox / Fox


Leader of the terriftying Cenobites from the Hellraiser series, beginning in 1987. His FACE.

Under bed terror rating: 8.5.

Tumblr Tumblr


Leatherface wears a mask of human skin and commits act of murder and cannibalism along with his inbred family in Texas. Utterly terrifying.

The hook. Oh Jesus, the hook.

Under bed terror rating: 9.



Enough. Said.

Under bed terror rating: 10.

What movie monster did you find most terrifying as a kid? Let us know in the comments… And maybe sleep with the light on tonight.

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