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These deleted scenes from Mrs Doubtfire are 100% devastating

It appears the family favourite was originally a much darker film. :(

gallery-mrsdoubtfire-4-gallery-image Source: FoxMovies.com

THE 1993 FILM Mrs Doubtfire is a firm family favourite, and holds some of our fondest memories of the late Robin Williams.

But deleted scenes discovered by journalist Matthew Keys reveal that the film was originally quite a bit darker than the finished product.

gallery-mrsdoubtfire-2 (1) Source: FoxMovies

The first deleted scene finds Williams’ character Daniel Hillard showing up late to his daughter Lydia’s spelling bee, then getting into a very public argument with ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field), before an upsetting confrontation with Lydia:

mrsdoubtfire1 Source: YouTube

And the second, and perhaps more painful scene to watch, inserts another fight between Daniel and Miranda, this time after she finds out he’s Mrs Doubtfire:

mrsdoubtfire2 Source: YouTube

Watch the full two scenes here, but make sure to grab a few tissues.

Source: Matthew Keys/YouTube

That was a lot, but here are some lighter moments to set you right as rain again:

OK-Because-She-MacGyver-Facial-Disguises Source: Popsugar

tumblr_nfqc89uBrK1qarrugo1_500 Source: Tumblr

tumblr_inline_mubarrgk461qz9rr3 Source: Wordpress

Much better.

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