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It's time to acknowledge that The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best Christmas film

When a cold wind blows it chills you…

muppets Source: movieposter.com

EVERY DECEMBER, THE chat starts up again. What is it about a film that makes it ‘Christmassy’? Is Die Hard one? And if so, what’s the best Christmas film?

We’ll stop you there. The answer is The Muppet Christmas Carol. Every time.

There is no adaptation of A Christmas Carol that compares

disneya Source: wikia

Disney tried again with Jim Carrey. But did they succeed? No!

The songs are in your head all year round

Marley_and_marley Source: Wikia

Try as you might to suppress them, you’re probably still like “WE’RE MARLEY AND MARLEY, HOOOOOOOO!” in June.

This one has probably made you weep

Source: Andrew Smith/YouTube

A song that has been cut from the latest DVD copies, but beloved by everyone who had the VHS in the 90s. SCROOGE YOU DUMMY.

And Tiny Tim? We’re in bits already

giphy Source: Giphy

He really is so tiny!

Michael Caine can’t particularly sing, but who even cares

tenor Source: tenor

We can’t imagine any other actor pulling this off.

Especially when you have lots of adorable singing vegetables…

Muppet-Christmas-Carol-Talking-Veggies Source: omgdisney

Look at ‘em!


BeanBunnySinging Source: Pinterest

“Good King Wenceslas came down, on the feast of Steeeeephen…”

And mice


Probably the best six seconds in the history of cinema, that bit.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Christmases Yet To Come are a little bit frightening…

Facts-You-Didnt-Know-About-The-Muppet-Christmas-Carol-Scooter-Casting Source: omgdisney

seventeen Source: Hellogiggles

We want none of that porcelain doll crap. And the Dementor can shite off, too.

But what about the Ghost of Christmas Present? Just look at him. He’s amazing

ghostofchristmaspresent_muppetchristmascarol Source: Wordpress

“Come in! And know me better man!” Don’t mind if we do, jolly ghost.

There’s Christmas spirit jam packed into every second of this

Source: coulterscandy/YouTube

And if you don’t come out of it feeling like doing something lovely for everyone you meet, we don’t know what to tell you. It’s true wherever you find love, it feels like Chriiiiiistmassss…

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Santy is the correct name for Santa Claus and we should all just agree this Christmas>

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