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17 things that just scream 'MURICA'



1. This classic misunderstanding.

2. This inspiring headline about a man helping a bird in its hour of need.

7W6VGN9 Source: Imgur

3. This tweet from Hulk Hogan telling people not to “boo who” because this is America, brother.

4. This wholly unnecessary kitchen implement.

EgDvZ39 Source: Imgur

5. This photo of President Donald Trump feasting on McDonald’s and Diet Coke while wearing a flag pin.

7. The opening line to this article.


mcjg Source: New York Daily News

8. This humongous Snickers bar

oIVLlGt Source: Imgur

9. This.

CyXDZdOW8AAHLqO Source: Davie/Twitter

10. This special offer.

9CH7ipV Source: Imgur

11. This tweet.

12. These charming corn skewers.

6IbSyFhStd97Qd78PTzkndDpGQOuq7Ty0IS83W4JKL4 (1) Source: Reddit

13. This frozen section.

CPOhjOc Source: Imgur

14. This headline that encompasses three of America’s favourite things – religion, fast food and headlines.

fgl Source: Imgur

15. This extremely patriotic can.

Thank you, Budweiser.

16. This “American Pride” deodorant

B_OtKkOVAAEOSyh Source: Austin Saco/Twitter

17. And finally… President Donald Trump on WWE

giphy (11) Source: Giphy

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