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Here's how everyone on Twitter is getting those creepy avatars

iPhone users can make them on a Chinese app called MyIdol. You may get addicted.

OVER THE PAST few days, those of you who frequent Twitter may have noticed people posting strange, digital versions of themselves.

Like these:

The mini-mes are can be created with an app called MyIdol, which is available only on iPhone. Apologies to the Android users out there, you cannot experience this joy.

The first thing you’ll notice when you download the app is that it’s written entirely in Chinese. But this hasn’t stopped anyone from making their own avatar, and it certainly won’t stop you.

(The developers have said that an English version is on the way, in case you really can’t figure it out. In the meantime, there’s a full English guide here.)

IMG_5017 (1)

You will eventually find your way to a page that’ll instruct you to take a selfie, or choose a photo from your Camera Roll – then, your face will magically appear on a tiny doll-like avatar for you to dress up pretty much any way you want.

People are getting very creative with it.

Tweet by @Frank Macchia Source: Frank Macchia/Twitter

You can also have your mini-me perform in short music videos, which are at once brilliant and terrifying:

Go forth. Mash some buttons, and make your own digital mini-me.

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