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8 reasons why toast is the king of all foods

Happy National Toast Day!

HAPPY NATIONAL TOAST Day! It’s time to celebrate one of the world’s most humble and overlooked foodstuffs.

This is a toast  - to toast.

1. It’s always there for you

tumblr_lnbravmMHF1qjpza4o1_500 Source: Tumblr

When all hope for good food is gone, chances are there will be a slice or two of slightly stale bread in the press. And you have a meal.

2. It brings out the beauty of other foods

5514568964_58ae3c7a64_b Source: Flickr/yortw

Beans. Peanut butter. Eggs. All of these foodstuffs are OK alone, but better with toast. Much better.

3. It is incredibly adaptable

Toast Source: Nocookie

Just look at this list of 351 ways to eat it. (Some are more appetising than others.)

4. You can make it fancy for dinner or brunch

toast_squash_egg_2 Source: fiveandspice/Food52.com

Here are some fancy toast recipes to try:

5. It can cater to your sweet tooth, too

16251867289_e3b58ab7ab_z Source: Flickr/ralphandjenny

Nutella. French toast. Marshmallow Fluff. Go wild.

6. It’s a miracle cure

roflbot (13) Source: ehow

Magic medicine.

7. And a hangover helper

5479083788_64e2193b3f_b Source: Flickr/Ewan Munro

Full of good soakage for the night before, and the ideal accompaniment to a fry the morning after. Every little helps.

8. This. Just this

tumblr_lp0tsnxkbq1qc66bjo1_500 Source: Wordpress

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