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Dublin's new Nespresso store is proof that we've gone mad (again)


THE LORD GIVETH, and the Lord taketh away…

On this, Budget 2015 day in Ireland, there’s a launch of a different kind happening in Dublin.

A two-st0rey Nespresso store is opening on Duke Street in the city.

While the date might be coincidental, the temptation to point to the store as an excuse for “NO RECESSION HERE” and “RECESSION? WHAT RECESSION?” quips is irresistible.

What is Nespresso?

It’s a brand owned by Nestlé which makes and sells coffee machines and capsules (and every other bit of coffee paraphernalia imaginable) globally, and people go berserk for it.

Until now, the only outlets in Ireland were operated out of the Brown Thomas Stores in Dublin and Cork, and man alive have they been popular (“WHAT RECESSION?” etc, etc).




The Dublin Brown Thomas outlet alone saw a turnover of €6m last year. That’s a lot of coffee.

With predictions that today’s budget could herald the end of austerity, it’s probably safe to quip away to our heart’s content that we have, once again, lost the run of ourselves.

State of the Nation: Will this be the day austerity finally came to an end?

The constant queue for Nespresso proves that the boom is truly back>

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