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glitch in the netflix

15 times Netflix made no sense

When the descriptions don’t match the titles – hilarity ensues.

NETFLIX IS THE ultimate binge watching tool and when it’s good, it’s very good.

But sometimes the descriptions don’t match the title – and it can provide some delicious comedy:

1. Like this description of Clueless

2. When they suggested this for Michael Collins



3. Ah now, Barney

4. Truth exposed, indeed

5. Trollhunter, the auld romantic

6. A great taco is hard to find

7. “Two stoners try to find out what happened during one crazy night.”

Sounds like Gilmore Girls alright. Great photo as well.

8. When the turtles went to South America

9. Sounds like a delightful comedy

10. When they were exiled to America… in Armageddon

11. Interesting title they went for

12. Doesn’t sound like he’d get much of an audience tbh

13. Really? THIS for Law & Order

Ah, the creme de la creme.

14. And there was that one time that there was a bug in Netflix that merged descriptions – creating some absolute classics


15. Which left us with this haunting mental image


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