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# Never too old
Are there some things you are never too old for?
Playing in a box… pretending the floor is lava… and 9 more examples.

BEING AN ADULT is tough, right?

You have to go to work and do the washing up without being told and fill out forms and eat five a day.

Are there some things you are too old for though?

Are you too old to…

1. Play in a box?

Lars Plougmann/Flickr/Creative Commons


The verdict: Considering you were probably adult enough to buy what came in the box (washing machine, fridge-freezer, Christmas tree etc), it’s probably okay to play in the box for a little while.

2. Eat food shaped like animals/letters/cartoon characters?

The verdict: Maybe don’t bring out the Alphabetti Spaghetti for a dinner party, but you are NEVER to old to yearn for a Freddo.

Alpha/Flickr/Creative Commons

3. Call shotgun?


The verdict: Unless your mother/grandmother/significantly older person is travelling in the car, the passenger seat is fair game.


4. Laugh at things like this?

Paddy Patterson/Flickr/Creative Commons

Gerry Dincher/Flickr/Creative Commons

The verdict: Never.

5. Have last night's stamp on your hand?

Tindermill Cards

The verdict: Yes, you are too old for this. Unless you're a student or under 25. Then it's ok.

Under 30, let's make it under 30, to be on the safe side.

6. Build a cushion fort

Will Holmes/Flickr/Creative Commons


The verdict: You are never too old. Build one now.

7. Put up posters with Sellotape or thumbtacks

Meow Meow Blog

The verdict: Frames people. Things go in frames now.

8. Go for weeks, nay MONTHS, without changing your sheets?

"Dude, you really should get a whiff of these sheets" (SoraZG/Flickr/Creative Commons)

The verdict: Yes, you dirtbag.

9. Wear a onesie?

Ryan Gosling and Ellen, in onesies (Tumblr)

The verdict: This is a contentious one. Wearing an adult babygro might equate with a duvet under you and over you in terms of comfort, but if your onesie has a flap for going to the toilet, you've gone too far.

10. Watch cartoons?

The verdict: Are you JOKING? The Land Before Time/The Lion King/All Dogs Go To Heaven/The Raccoons/Spongebob is our LIFE!

11. Pretend the floor is made of lava?


The verdict: Never. You are never too old for this.

Got some other things you think you're too old for/will never be too old for? Let us know in the comments section...

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