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Potato, bacon and avocado emojis are on the way for your phone

Still no cheese emoji.


CRYING OUT FOR an avocado emoji to express your love of the guac?

Lamenting the lack of a potato emoji to profess your loyalty to the humble spud?

Wondering why on earth there is no pregnant red dancing lady at your fingertips?

Well fear not, because it looks like all of those things (and 35 others) will be available after the next major emoji update.

Metro reports that Unicode Consortium, which provides standardised emojis across devices, will bring 38 new emojis into the world next June.

The consortium, which operates out of Mountain View in California and according to Gawker has just three employees, has offered a rationale for each of the 38 proposed symbols, as well as recommendations on how they should be used.


The avocado for example falls under the “Apple most requestion list tier 2″, while the expected usage for the fist bump emojis is expected to be high.

There is no rationale offered for the continued absence of a cheese emoji.


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