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The peach emoji no longer looks like an arse and people are devastated

Well isn’t that just peachy.

OVER THE PAST few years, certain emojis have been imbued with a slightly more risquΓ© meaning than was originally intended.

Just think of all the cheeky aubergines you’ve sent in your time.

One such emoji was the humble peach, which looked like an arse.

peach iemoji iemoji

And in no time at all, it became accepted as the unofficial arse emoji.

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Tweet by @arika 🍾 arika 🍾 / Twitter arika 🍾 / Twitter / Twitter

Even Kim Kardashian was obsessed with it.

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Yesterday, however, Apple announced a selection of new and improved emojis as part of its iOS 10.2 update

One of the casualties of the update, though? The peach emoji, which sadly no longer resembles an arse.



Excuse me, what the hell is this realistic looking peach doing here?


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And now peach emoji enthusiasts everywhere are devastated.

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2016 just keeps getting worse and worse, tbh.

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RIP, arse emoji.

Gone but never forgotten.


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