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New Titanic movies have some unlikely additions...

…George Lucas, JJ Abrams and an updated soundtrack.

Titanic 3D with new special effects
Titanic 3D with new special effects
Image: (Via YouTube/PistolShrimps)

TITANIC 3D WENT on release last week and unsurprisingly it has been quite a success.

According to Box Office Mojo the movie epic has taken over $17,285,453 (€13,206,091) in the US over the weekend. The Irish box office takings are not yet available.

If you are to believe this ’Titanic Super 3D’ trailer, which is now trending on YouTube, the remastered 1997 movie will make the experience all the more real. There have even been some unlikely additions made to the original.

According to this spoof – you will feel like you are actually on the ship with new 3D motion feel technology.

(Via YouTube/PistolShrimps)

Ellen is also pleased to report that her scene, which she says was cut from the original, has now been added back in.

(Via YouTube/ )

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