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7 stages in the emotional rollercoaster that is New Year's Eve

Strap yourself in.


New Year’s Eve snuck up on us right and proper this year, didn’t it? It only seems like the blink of an eye that we were cheering down the clock and giving it welly to Auld Lang Syne. As Johnny Logan crooned – what’s another year?

Here we go again…

1. Determination

You’re absolutely, definitely, positively going to have the best night ever this year. This year will be different. Forget 2008 when your mate got sick on your shoes before you left the house. Forget 1999 when that person you fancied disappeared before midnight. No – this year is YOUR year.

countdo Source: Giphy

2. Meticulous planning

You’ve got the group Facebook message going, the Whatsapp about what time things kick off, where, and what you’re wearing. There’s always one person in every group of friends who plans it all down to a T.

monia Source: headoverfeels.com

3. Panic!

It’s the annual New Year’s Eve scramble for a taxi. Just go with it. It’s tradition at this stage.

PastedImage-5488 Source: thethrottle.com

4. Dancefloor wars

Michael Flatley better give back the crown, because there’s a new Lord of the Dance in town, baby. You’re giving the crowd your best moves, cos after all, it’s a big night here, right? Giving it socks. Giving it more than socks – giving it longjohns.


PastedImage-62631 Source: Simpsons Wikia

6. It’s the final countdown

(Is that song playing in your head now? Sorry.) The time has come. The big moment. Who will be your midnight kiss? What lucky reveller will receive the nod? It’s a life choice up there with deciding to pop the question or buy a house. Choose wisely. Make a mistake and you’ve got to wait a whole year for a re-do.

PastedImage-27704 Source: DXPNet.com

7. And finally…

A bit of a sore head. Whoops. Oh well, you’ve got a whole year to make up for your various indiscretions. Better prepare a few resolutions in advance, just in case.

hungovea Source: thatsdopedaily.com

Happy New Year!

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