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The 9 most preposterous New York Fashion Week happenings, ranked

What are thoooooose?

9. These shoes

Look like something your dad might knock together in the garage. Lovely bang of orthopaedics off them.

#AlexanderWang #NYFW : #MAMEY @jamellita Gente a parte de sus diseños #cool e inspirados en la calle. Uno de los fuertes del diseñador son los accesorios que en cada temporada se sale de los esquemas. Miren esos zapatos que lleva #ysaunnybrito Source: mameyelnuevonegro

8. This model falling

Givenchy made the models clamber over pallets. It was bound to happen.

Fashion Givenchy Spring 2016 Source: Associated Press

Fashion Givenchy Spring 2016 Source: Associated Press


7. Kim Kardashian’s, er, boots (?)


TONIGHT- GIVENCHY X YEEZY Source: kimkardashian

6. That cloud outfit on the left

You went too far with the headband. Too far.

☁️Your perfect Sunday as told by @marahoffman ☁️ #nyfw Source: mtvstyle_au

5. Givenchy’s face jewellery

Looks like us with a face full of Sudocreme to battle the spots.

@givenchyofficial's face jewellery is back alright! #ss16 #givenchy #nyfw Source: mariefranceasia

4. This outfit

Nah son. Nah.

Source: rickstarofficial

3. This ‘overheard at fashion week’

This is their new shoe. It’s also a hat. Unisex.


2. The emoji

When you type use #NYFW in a tweet, a little emojiaccomanies it.


Now, for a good few hours, we thought it was Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, or maybe a transformer.


It’s not. It’s a jacket.

1. Kanye’s hood

Kanye pet, we know it’s you. You’re sitting in the front row.

#nickiminaj 's face here is so brilliant. #nyfw #kanyewest #fashion via @graziauk Source: laurenjsmith13

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