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10 times news graphics went terribly, terribly wrong

Let’s all be grateful that our work mistakes aren’t portrayed live on television.

NEWSROOMS ARE BUSY places, so it’s understandable that a mistake is made from time to time.

Unfortunately, those mistakes are often made in front of thousands of people on live new broadcasts.

These news graphic fails demonstrate just how wrong things can go.

The time someone mixed up South Africa with South America

SOUTH-AFRICA Source: The Daily What

The time someone got a little bit too honest

zzzDeclanCurryWhoCares_large Source: Hmongplus

The time a few letters being missing made a big statement

funny-tv-screenshots-1 Source: The Chive

The time a state’s abbreviation took on a new meaning

46366_448126089892_200632219892_5018217_4278110_n Source: Newscast Studio

The time someone’s brain had an actual meltdown

fox-20100219-chyronfail Source: Media Matters

 The time a viewer got one over on the network

funny-tv-screenshots-17 Source: The Chive

The time a lesson in writing captions made it to air

download Source: Failblog

The time a caption was just deeply ill-thought-out

Elie Source: Mediabistro

The time someone writing about education forgot how to spell education

slide_18767_258632_huge Source: Huffington Post

The time someone was just entirely wrong

slide_18767_258630_huge Source: Huffington Post

Very serious BBC political broadcast interrupted by ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ ringtone>

‘Spiderman’ appears on news show… and fails to save reporter>

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