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Next stop, Ellen? Dublin Rose gets some love from Perez Hilton

A video of the self-taught hip hop dancing Rose has been featured on an influential US gossip blog – but not everyone’s a fan of her moves.

The Dublin Rose in action
The Dublin Rose in action
Image: RTÉ via YouTube

WE ALL REMEMBER how it started for Crystal Swing: a YouTube video went viral and next thing we knew, they were sharing anecdotes about Cork on Ellen.

Granted, the TV host looked somewhat baffled, but the trio’s charm won her over in the end.

Now it could be the Dublin Rose’s turn to become a hit overseas after the video of her self-taught hip-hop dance routine from the Rose of Tralee International Festival was posted on the hugely popular Perez Hilton blog.

As Perez himself wrote:

What the hell is this?? We have no idea, but it’s totally making our day!

The video got a mixed reaction, with one commenter writing:

AWFUL! but then again I would rather watch that holy mess of a dance than one of Micheal Flatleys [sic].

But another says:

She is a gorgeous girl who is just having the crack [sic], to lighten up the competition, like Perez said it makes you happy to watch.

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s clear that she made quite the impact on Tuesday night.

Check out her moves below:

And here is Crystal Swing’s Ellen appearance:

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