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Niall Horan managed to take the Tube without anyone recognising him

And Directioners are freaking out.

YESTERDAY, NIALL HORAN sent the following Snapchat.

Cef3-BXXEAAifIz Source: pop_ruth/Twitter

Yep, there’s the Mullingar man riding the Tube in London like an ordinary Joe.

These two? Couldn’t care less. Too deep in thought/engrossed in Twitter.

these Source: pop_ruth/Twitter

Who could care less, though? One Direction fans.

Once Niall sent the Snapchat, Twitter went into meltdown with fans wondering how Horan could have possibly being walking among the great unwashed without getting recognised.



The lengths Directioners would go to to see Niall are frankly impressive.

Oh, and where was Niall off to? A Kodaline gig.

Where he dutifully posed for dozens of selfies.

Bet these lads are regretting not asking for a photo now.


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