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Nigella enraged the internet by putting an egg on baked lettuce and calling it a meal


nigellanewshow_3275221b Source: BBC

NIGELLA IS BACK on our tellys with her new BBC show Simply Nigella – providing us with much needed recipe ideas for new things to rustle up in the kitchen.

But this week’s episode did not go down well – and it was all thanks to one dish.

Nigella got some lettuce and stuck it in the oven

lettuce Source: YouTube

She threw a fried egg on top

Simply-Nigella-egg-on-salad Source: BBC/Independent

And then grated some cheese over it

grated Source: YouTube

Simply put: the internet was not having it

Putting the lettuce into the oven was a step too far

Perhaps people were looking for a little more culinary sophistication

Poor Nigella

nigella2 Source: BBC

It might not be her finest effort – the egg and warm lettuce combo was considered a debacle by her loyal viewers

The people will never forget the night Nigella burnt the lettuce

The show is called Simply Nigella, after all

It doesn’t look *that* bad, people.

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