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14 questionable accessories all Irish girls wore in the 90s

Guilty as charged.

OH, TO BRING back the fashion of our youth.


1. Remember these?


user-image-1190778308_thumb Source: Inthe90s

2. These tattoo chokers?

They’re coming back, but not as naff as we remember.

necklace2 Source: Whatthehellz

3. Rice necklaces

These would usually come back with you from holidays and cement you as the coolest kid in the class.

PastedImage-75983 Source: name-painting.com

HOW did they get your name on there?

- everyone, thinking how cool you are.

4. Charity bands

Remember when every charity hopped on the bandwagon and you could barely fill your 12-year-old wrist? Beautiful.

PastedImage-22308 Source: Pinterest

5. Karma bracelets

Or power beads. These supposedly had healing powers or some shite, so we lined our arms with them.

PastedImage-95906 Source: CALOMICCO.CO.CC

6. Mood rings

What mood are you today? Oh, still green.

mood_rings Source: Psu

7. Yin Yang accessories

Why? Who knows, or cares?

PastedImage-32407 Source: childrenofthenineties.blogspot.ie

8. Toe rings

Can you not?

PastedImage-3343 Source: Aliexpress

9. Light up rings

PastedImage-341 Source: amazon

10. Stick on earrings

PastedImage-59899 Source: http://lifebynadinelynn.blogspot.ie/

OK so you probably only wore these when you were REALLY young, but remember how pretty you thought you were?

11. Best friend necklaces

Usually bought in Argos for your BFFs birthday and worn around the school with pride.

PastedImage-11060 Source: polyvore.com

12. Bubble watches

These were ALL the rage, but what cartoon did you have in yours?

PastedImage-90296 Source: Poshmark

13.Daisy chain bracelets

Just because.

PastedImage-39304 Source: polyvore.com

14. And finally, slap bracelets

These were so ugly, but so were most of the things on this list.

fashion1 Source: Your90s


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