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Dubliners have put forward their arguments on the North side vs South side debate

Tale as old as time…

IT’S A DEBATE AS old as the city itself: Which is better, Dublin’s North side, or the South side?

YouTuber Jamie Jay Carr went out on the streets of Dublin to ask city dwellers to put their oar in.

Some of the best arguments in favour of the North side were as follows:

North siders have a great sense of humour

patingoldsby Source: YouTube

In the lift, the announcement is “In the event of fire, do not use the lift.” That’s on the South side.On our side, it says “In the event of fire, don’t admit to anything.”

(That’s the Dublin Poet Pat Ingoldsby with Jamie in the picture above, BTW.)

They’re just better all round


And the North side is more interesting

northside2 Source: YouTube

But people make some interesting points about the South side too:

The South side is better in every city you go to


This man from Romania has noticed that everywhere he’s been, and who are we to argue?

The people there are more polite


And it just has better amenities

southsiders Source: YouTube

According to this lady, anyway, there are “nicer shops, nicer restaurants”.

atch the full video here and decide for yourself.

Source: JamieJayCar .Videos/YouTube

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