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11 interesting reactions to the Kim and Kanye baby name

People just have a lot of feelings on this topic.

THE CELEBRITY BABY story of the year is undoubtedly the whole Kim Kardashian Kanye West saga.

With Kim having just given birth speculation about the name of the child has been everywhere.

We now know that the baby is called North West and apparently, according to Official Kardashian News Outlet E!, her nickname will be Nori.

The huge following for both stars means that this is a hot topic on Twitter and one of the worldwide trending topics this morning.

Of course there have been some very interesting reactions.

1. The “so unimpressed I’m going to use an image to illustrate my point”

2. The person who is very harsh on celebs in general

3. The person alleging that perhaps Kim has been drunk this whole time

4. A comedian who notes how special their achievement really is

5. A Kanye fan who is disappointed and has an interesting relationship with the caps lock button

6. The standard dog meme response

7. Pointing out how it can make you feel better

8. The “well it could be a lot worse” comment

9. Making the same joke that everyone else is making

10. Trying to be optimistic

11. The one person who is hoping for the best

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