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This mysterious note promising a man $300 sent the internet into a frenzy

If you found this, you would be intrigued.

IN FEBRUARY LAST year, a Reddit user was in a cafe in the US casually having a coffee.

He opened one of the books in there, and was greeted with this mysterious note:

reddit note

So, after he put it on Reddit the note went super viral, with thousands of users urging him to go back to the cafe on the specified date. People had simply started calling it The Note – such was its fame over the last year.

So, the man arrived at the cafe yesterday at 7.30am to begin his wait – updating the events on a live blog throughout the day:

2:06pm…Been here since 7:30… Still alive….Still waiting.

By the evening time, there was still no sign of the mystery creator of The Note – so somebody at the cafe left him this present


Gaining internet fame as the events continued, another Reddit user sent him some pizza to keep his spirits up


By about 9pm, loads of Reddit users had shown up to watch the climax of this year-long quest for $300

redditnote5 Source: Imgur

Eventually, with the  cafe set to close at 11pm, things started to get desperate:

about 27 mins left, still nothing. Answering all the messages that are still trickling in.
13 min left, still holding strong.
3 mins left. Closing out soon

And finally, with the cafe closing, he was resigned to his fate:

So as promised the Password was: “Crepes are tasty” I stayed till about when they kicked me out, and Note Creator never showed up. But all in all, Even though there was no deliver on their part. It was a crazy experience, and Thank you all for the support. REDDIT, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!


All that waiting for $300 and no reward in the end. At least he had thousands of people checking in on him throughout the day, and he seemed to have made some friends.

Well done, everyone (except the note creator who never showed).

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