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A Nutella café has opened in Toronto and it looks sensational

Nutella on EVERYTHING.

toronto3 Source: Twitter

A CAFÉ DECICATED to all things Nutella has opened in Toronto this week – and it has sent Nutella lovers into a frenzy.

The Canadian supermarket Sobey’s opened its official Nutella café to much fanfare on Friday – and it serves nothing but Nutella-based goodness.

They have jars of the stuff, obviously – but it goes deeper than that

toronto Source: Twitter

They lather Nutella on everything from pastries to crepes

toronto5 Source: Twitter

It’s like you are walking into Nutella heaven

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Canada’s state broadcaster CBC reports that the Toronto public have embraced this addition to their lives.

Well, obviously – the place looks designed to give you Nutella creations you just wouldn’t bother making at home

toronto4 Source: Twitter

Such a thing could do with opening in Ireland – for all the Nutella lovers who have to make their own creations

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