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tella shake

Presenting: The incredible Nutella doughnut milkshake

*Heavy breathing*

WE ARE IN the age of the mega doughnut, coupled with the era of the super milkshake.

Now, a restaurant in Sydney has brought the two together to create… a doughnut milkshake.

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Introduced just a week ago, FoodCraft Espresso and Bakery has been hitting headlines left right and centre with this creation.

It teams their notorious Tella Ball doughnuts (filled with – you guessed it – Nutella) with a Nutella milkshake complete with ice cream and chocolate. sauce.

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(FoodCraft Espresso’s other Tella Ball flavours include salted caramel, and vanilla and ricotta)

||Dessert time|| A closer look at the salted caramel and the vanilla and ricotta Tella balls, as well as the lychee and rose friand from @foodcraftespresso jayy.tee__ jayy.tee__

Tried a Tella Ball yet? These amazing treats are donut balls filled with gooey delicious stuff - think Nutella, vanilla ricotta or even these salted caramel ones - and they're from Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery in Erskinville Sydney #donut #nutella #saltedcaramel #donuts #doughnuts #tellaballs #foodcraftespressoandbakery #sweet #sweets #dessert #desserts #sydney restaurantfoodpictures restaurantfoodpictures

We’re not sure what drinking the milkshake through the doughnut achieves, but it sure does look like 17 Christmasses worth of selection box joy rolled into one.

What do you think of the Tella Shake? Is it sick or super?

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Super. Get me on the phone to Qantas (579)
Sick. They've gone too far. TOO FAR (273)

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