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8 fitting tributes to the man who brought us Nutella

A fitting tribute.

MICHELE FERRERO, THE Italian billionaire who brought the likes of Nutella, Ferrerro Rocher and Kinder eggs to the world has died at the age of 89.

Here are some ways to pay fitting tribute…

Make a giant Ferrero Rocher


Recipe here.

Or a 5-layer Ferrero Rocher Nutella Dream Cake


Recipe here.

What about an entire Nutella recipe book?

nutbook Source: Colours and Carousels

Buy one here.

You could wear a Nutella tshirt

nutella_4-450x600 Source: Panic Pop

Or a Nutella necklace

ne Source: Etsy

Or get your own special Nutella spoon

nu Source: Etsy

You could copy this Kinder Surprise proposal

kinder Source: Two Plus Us

Full story here.

And then get this Nutella costume for your baby

baby Source: Etsy

Man who gave the world Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder dies>

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