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9 household items you can't believe nobody told you about

Gotta buy them all.

WHERE HAVE THESE things been all our lives?

1. Bedsheets with this label

Hours of unnecessary sweating and rage avoided with a single tag.

I bought bed sheets for the first time in probably 10 years. I was blown away when I saw this. Life: enhanced. - Imgur Source: Imgur

2. This pasta measuring tool

You either cook enough for a toddler, or enough for 7 burly men. There is no in-between. Until now…

i-could-eat-a-horse-pasta-measurer-0 Source: Odditymall

3. Multi-position pillow

No more dead arms.


multi2 Source: GoodHomeDesign.com

4. Pizza scissors

To be honest we fail to see how this trumps the good old fashioned pizza wheel cutter, but dammit we want one anyway.

pizza Source: Amazon.co.uk

5. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream lock

It’s not your Wadi… er ice cream.

fancy Source: Fancy.com

6. Bed fan

No more of this on those warm nights:

6BI4Yip Source: Imgur

Bed fan is our new best friend.

bedfan Source: Amazon.com

7. Toilet seat pedal

No more putting your fingers on the p*sscatcher that is the toilet seat.

41mAUWYmwtL._SY450_ Source: Images-amazon

8. Toothbrush/mouth rinser

Shut up and take our money.

toothbrush Source: Neatorama

9. Endless edge brownie tin

Adds two chewy, crispy edges to almost every brownie.

brown Source: Amazon.com

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