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9 signs your office is so ready for the Christmas holidays

It’s like the last day of school all over again!

IT’S FRIDAY, AND for many, the final slog before the Christmas holidays. It’s the ULTIMATE Friday.

If you work in an office you’ve probably had that festive feeling for a few weeks now, but today, the countdown is on.

1. No one can concentrate

Despite the fact that you’ve loads to be doing before you finish up, anything is a distraction. A mild sense of hysteria hangs in the air and you’ll volunteer to do menial tasks such as writing the client Christmas cards just so you can turn it into a bit of craic. All hierarchy is broken and everyone’s in a good mood. Basically, this is your boss at 3pm.

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2. Irrational decisions are made

“Ah sure it’s Christmas” is the excuse to beat all excuses. Fast food for lunch? It’s Christmas. All those boxes of chocolates in the kitchen? Ah have a fistful, it’s Christmas. You’ll go back to normal officey structures after Christmas. This mythical middle-ground doesn’t count.

officechristmaspies superrabbit superrabbit

3. Everyone is listening to Christmas songs

Christmas FM is your soundtrack to jotting down things you need to buy in the ‘big shop’ later, which is clearly much more urgent than those spreadsheets.

Humming along isn’t even frowned upon.


4. Nobody can stop talking about the Christmas party later

If you’ve already had it, it’ll be a few drinks to celebrate the break for the holidays. You look on as the girlos having tea in the kitchen slowly transform into a Boots ad.

“What are you wearing? What time does it start? Did you pick the chicken or the fish?”


5. Email is suspiciously quiet

Either people have clocked off earlier or are avoiding involving themselves in any potential issue that could arise and delay that sweet, sweet exit.

officeemails Videojug Videojug

6. There’s a break in the day for Kris Kindle or other festive cheer

Good luck trying to go back to work for the last few hours when you’ve just received a mini table-tennis set for your desk or have had your computer screen wrapped up by the resident gas ticket in a Santa hat.

Prank the Boss Jan 2009 - Yahoo!7 Office AussieGold AussieGold

7. Every phone conversation is finished with ‘Happy Christmas’!

You spend your time resenting those who don’t respond to your chirpy wishes, you know, instead of doing actual work.

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8. Everyone’s talking about their plans

Everyone is planning on it being ‘quiet’ and are either going to their mam’s or having their mam. Basically, you’re gonna learn exactly where their mam is going to be on Christmas day.

officegoingtomas BromfordGroup BromfordGroup

9. Others are moaning at you that they have to work next week



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