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January 2023
# White House
Biden faces scrutiny after two sets of classified documents found
The revelation that Biden potentially mishandled classified or presidential records could prove to be a political headache.
Last year
# Your Say
Poll: Do you still work from home?
Companies from across the world have been reconsidering their remote-working policies
All time
# Criticism
US World Cup star Rapinoe blasts Trump, doesn't rule out run for office
The footballer also branded the president a ‘white nationalist’.
# building and property
Eir's plan to turn a telephone exchange into a fancy office has been paused - for now
City planners pressed pause so the telco can provide extra information on the project.
# Brrrr
Office like an icebox? These 6 class products can warm you up
Tis bloody freezing!
# Study
No partitions between desks may be 'healthier' for office workers
This layout is linked to higher levels of physical activity while at work, and lower levels of stress outside the office, a new study suggests.
# Workplace
The 9 people you are guaranteed to find in every single workplace
There’s no escaping the food-stealer
# Unfair Dismissal
Office manager wrongly portrayed as 'employee from hell' awarded €160,000
It’s one of the highest amounts ever awarded by the Workplace Relations Commission.
# global attack
Growing global cyberattack hits 200,000 victims so far and there's more to come
Fears for millions of users who will be turning on their computers tomorrow morning.
# Office space
19 everyday struggles you'll know if you work in an office
They’re mini empires with laws unto themselves.
# 100 days later
100 brilliant tweets that sum up Trump's first 100 days in office
It’s been… wild.
# Office
Work remotely? It might make you more stressed and affect your sleep
It can also make you vulnerable to unpaid overtime, according to a UN study.
# rage against the machine
19 thoughts every Irish person has had about The F**king Dishwasher
The single most stressful item in any home or office.
# Office space
12 terrible people that definitely work in your office
Office politics: More fraught than actual politics.
# fbi sting
US police officer charged with trying to support Islamic State
He is the first US officer to face terror-related charges.
# Property Porn
PHOTOS: Google's new London office is very fancy
Employees will be given free food, access to a 90m running track, massages and cookery classes.
# sponsored by GoQuest
QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Work Personality?
Office mam? Anyone?
# happy b day
Anyone who works in an office will cringe at this person's card disaster
# janxiety
An office worker came up with the perfect post-Christmas desk sign
“I’m on episode four of Making a Murderer, so don’t tell me s***.”
# Back to Work
It’s National Forget Your Password Day in offices across the land
The most wonderful time of the year.
# Organised Crime
Mexican mayor murdered the day after taking office
Police were then later involved in a shootout with the suspected assailants.
# working 9 to 5
13 truths everyone who works in an office can relate to
The printer is your ENEMY.
# Restructuring
No comment from Twitter's Irish office as company plans to lay off 8% of global staff
336 employees will be laid off as part of Twitter’s restructuring plans, but it’s unclear how it will affect its Dublin office.
# Attack
Prisoner attacked two officers escorting him from hospital
One officer had facial injuries while the other had an injury to his shoulder.
# get up
Sitting down for too long is as bad as smoking
Many people spend up to 80% of their waking day sitting down.
# internal affairs
Do you hang out with co-workers outside work? Irish people do it much more than most
They’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile though
# work it
Stuck in an office all day? Here are some tips on fitting exercise around work*
*And you don’t have to spend any money.
# in lego
The 10 emotional stages of being hungover at work
Shhh. There there.
Office space and the open-plan era: what really works?
But in a world made up of introverts, extroverts and, indeed, ambiverts how are companies accommodating for all?
# Quiz
Which Office Colleague Are You?
You work with these people every day, but who ARE you?
# location location location
Dublin office rents to soar by 30% ... again
The cost of parking is rising too.
# Winning
6 strategies to win at office politics in 2015
Like a boss.
# google living
Some Google staff actually live at the office...
Googlers get everything in work, food, showers, gym… sure why not?
Column: How you can win at office politics in 6 steps
It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.
# Up All Night
Hoping to 'get lucky' over the last big Christmas party weekend? Maybe read this first
STI clinics have seen a spike in ‘panicked’ office workers seeking appointments.
# Memories
Bad news everyone! Microsoft is getting rid of Clip Art once and for all
Powerpoint presentations will never be the same again.
Opinion: Why are employers rewarding long hours in the office above all else?
Some companies believe they’re getting more out of staff who are present in the office for long hours – but many employees just stay late because it looks good.
# desk accessories
9 desk accessories you need in your life right now
Two words: desk microwave.
# cheeeessee
Swiss mayor suspended over nude selfies taken in office
It is alleged that he sent the photos to a female colleague.
Motherhood and Work: Practical tips for returning to the office after maternity leave
For some the end of maternity leave is a sad time, for others it’s something to look forward to – either way there are some practical steps to manage that transition.