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10 of the worst things about every office in January

AKA why your life sucks.

1. Being there even though you’ve forgotten how to do your job

How it looks:

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How it feels:

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2. People bringing their rejected Christmas treats into work

In an apparent effort to undermine even your most pathetic resolutions.

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3. Eating ‘healthy’ lunches that make you a little bit sad

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4. That one person embracing the new year with open arms, making it worse for everyone

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Not to mention surveying you with the Eyes of Judgement.

Source: Whicdn

5. There isn’t enough coffee in the world

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Which is unfortunate, because your body clock still looks like this

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6. Nobody you work with has anything to talk about

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7. Even Facebook is no fun

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8. Your workplace is a fermenting hotbed of disease


Source: Phillie Casablanca


Source: DMU Viv's Biology Courses

9. The ongoing stand-off over who has to take down the Christmas decorations

Source: Fearless Fred

Source: Pandawhale

Which are looking more and more tragic every day.

10. Still, at least it’s only three weeks til February.

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