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Um, does the Oireachtas really understand hashtags?

Possibly not. But hey, everyone has to learn, right?

HASHTAGS. THEY’RE NOT only good for talking about One Direction, you know.

(Although they are great for that. #HoldMeHarryStyles! … Harry? … Harry?)

They can also be used for all kinds of serious political debates. As the Oireachtas Communications Unit well knows:

But hang on… Is that a hash symbol?

… or is it a musical sharp symbol?

Sadly, the sharp symbol doesn’t work with Twitter’s interface. So it looks like the Oireachtas will be left out of the conversation for the moment. Sorry guys!

But we’d like to observe that after several minutes of trying, we couldn’t find a way to generate the sharp symbol on a regular keyboard, OR a standard character map.

Whereas the normal hash sign just takes one keystroke, which ANY idiot can do.

The only conclusion is that the Oireachtas must put WAY more effort into their tweets than any of the rest of us. Go, Oireachtas!

Here’s some more evidence of their outstanding Twitter workrate:

Um, does the Oireachtas really understand hashtags?
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