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# Hashtag

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People are sharing the questions that keep them up at night and they're making our heads hurt
“Why is a pizza in the shape of a circle, cut into triangles, then shoved into a square box?”
#ObamaAndKids is the cutest hashtag you'll see today
It will nourish your weary soul.
10 #RejectedAppleProducts that are better than the bloody Apple Pencil
Apple development teams, get on it.
Women engineers are sharing their photos to fight sexism in tech
Isis Anchalee starred in an ad, and got some negative comments. Her experience has inspired others.
#TwoIrishMammies is the best hashtag on Twitter this morning
People in the UK are bringing their dogs to vote - and Twitter is going crazy for it
Barking mad.
#IrishFamilyChristmas is the only hashtag that will help you survive this week
Share the pain.
#LoveHate, selfies, and @BrianODriscoll: This was 2014 on Twitter
We did a LOT of tweeting this year.
Pizza brand accidentally tweets joke about pizza on domestic abuse hashtag
Man City should have known better than to use #AskJesus for their Q&A
They were asking for trouble with that hashtag.
#MoreShamefulThanBrooks hashtag puts Garth Brooks debacle into perspective
Is the Brooks controversy really the biggest embarrassment in Ireland right now? These people don’t think so.
Minister: I keep an eye on cannabis legalisation in other countries (And yes, I've tried it)
Junior health minister Alex White says he does not think full legalisation is on the cards, but that Ireland should “maintain an open mind”.
This guy dumped his girlfriend via Instagram hashtag
#you’redumped #breakup #ihateyousomuchrightnow
You Only Talk In #HASHTAG is the new music video you absolutely have to see
Stop the internet. We REALLY want to get off this time.
No way Twitter is letting Vogue away with the Kim and Kanye cover
Come off it Wintour.
Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill demonstrate just how annoying hashtags really are
#hashtag #video #cool #funny #fun #lols #jimmykimmel #latergram #jonahhill #excerpt
21 of the funniest Irish Twitter accounts you should follow in 2014
If you like laughing, that is.
'Fail', 'twerking' and 404: the top 20 words of 2013
Internet culture rules the world, apparently.
13 moments from Irish people's Instagrams you'll definitely recognise
#NoOffence intended.
Irish lads' 'hashtag' conversation goes viral after Jimmy Fallon sketch
The comedy bit making fun of hashtags is now doing the internet rounds.
VIDEO: If you hate hashtags you'll love this chat between Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon
21 things you'll remember from secondary school
Cast your minds back.
Surefire ways to know you're someone's mammy
“You get genuinely excited by a poo…”
Last lines of awful romance novels is the hashtag that keeps on giving
Sometimes a trending topic brings out the best in people.
Beards for the beardless is the best hashtag around
Jessie J! Margaret Thatcher! The Queen! They’ve all got beards!
Promoters of Dublin student club night defend use of 'C***' stamp
The C U Next Tuesday night at Lost Society has been the subject of controversy on Twitter today.
6 hashtags we need to stop using right now
Sigh. No, Cher is not dead
“Thatcher”. Not “that Cher”.
Twitter is 7... here's why we love and loathe it
News, puppies, telly, rows, and selfies. They’re all here.
Final Newsweek print edition cover unveiled
In a nod to its digital-only future, it even has a Twitter hashtag on the cover.
Wait. Someone called their newborn baby Hashtag?
Welcome to the world, Hashtag.
Um, does the Oireachtas really understand hashtags?
Possibly not. But hey, everyone has to learn, right?
Timeline and punishment: Cole admits FA charge
The FA have this evening confirmed the defender would not contest the charge.
Video: check out the new version of Twitter
The microblogging site has unveiled a new look that will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks but can already be found on smartphone apps.