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9 vintage MTV shows you have forgotten

…and would possibly rather not remember.

MTV IS EXACTLY 32 years old today.

The station has given us numerous great shows throughout the years, despite what all current evidence would suggest.

Here are a few you may have forgotten about:

1. Celebrity Deathmatch (1998-2002)

How could you forget Celebrity Deathmatch? This claymation murder pit was shown on TV quite late at night, and for good reason. Each episode would pit two celebrities against each other in a fight to the death.

But it didn’t come easy, with all sorts of violent ends met including Elton John getting his head bitten off by Ozzy Osbourne, and Meryl Streep impaling Cameron Diaz on a boom mike. A niche appeal indeed.

2. Boiling Points (2003-2008)

Possibly best know as being Lady Gaga’s first television appearance, Boiling Points was a rather naff hidden camera show that placed people in seriously annoying situations to see how long they would last without snapping.

If they reach the predetermined length of time without revealing their annoyance, $100 was awarded on the spot. But did they ever have to walk down Grafton Street behind a slow group of tourists?

3. I Bet You Will (2002)

This short-lived series encouraged people to do crazy things on  the street in exchange for cash. Not very much cash, at that. It was most memorable for its ‘bro’ hosts with crazy blue hair, and encouraging people to shave their own off for $200.

4. Undressed (1999–2002)


Nobody really remembers much about this besides the fact that it involved a lot of sex and was usually on at night. Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame got her (very very bad) start on this show, which was basically like a softcore porn version of Dawson’s Creek.

5. Rich Girls (2003)

This reality show briefly followed the lives of Ali Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy) and Jamie Gleicher, heir of Innovation Luggage which is apparently a big deal. The series didn’t last too long, but left us with such quotable gems as:

I have bad and good news. I kind of want to go to Greece.


Just because we’re rich doesn’t mean that we’re not good people.


6. TRL UK (2003-2005)

This shortlived replica of the insanely successful US Total Request Live format failed to bring in the ratings, but it was good while it lasted… wasn’t it?

Huge acts at the time were brought into the live studio to be interviewed while awkward fans sat around them not quite knowing what to do. The fabled act of playing music videos on MTV also occurred during this magical hour.

7. Room Raiders (2003-2009)

Apparently this is still going, but MTV UK have wisely decided not to pick it up. We all remember the format, three people are abducted and wait in the back of a van while a potential date roots through their stuff. Nightmares, actual nightmares. Here’s a version some DCU students made. Rather them than us.

8. Aeon Flux (1995)

Ah, Aeon Flux. Universally loved, because no one had a clue what was going on. Another one always on after dark, this intensely creepy sci-fi animation represented some bizarre future dystopian world. All we remember is the fly on the eye, what’s that all about?

Charlize Theron starred in a live action movie in 2005, but she’d probably rather we forget that.

9. Dismissed (2001)

Remember Dismissed? You could hardly even call this a dating show, it was more of an exercise in inhuman cruelty. The dismisser takes two people out on a date simultaneously, with each choosing two places to go.

The dismisser decides who they like the best and brushes off the other in a glorified exhibition of ruthlessness. We feel uncomfortable thinking about it. Don’t forget the ‘time out’ cards for added insult.

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