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Having a 'kiddie dinner' is one of the greatest treats you can give yourself

Fish fingers, goujons, beans, waffles… Keeping it old school.

AS ADULTS, THERE are lots of different expectations placed on us. Go to work, eat healthily, exercise, go out with friends, get enough sleep – you know the drill.

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Sometimes, it’s great just to throw your hands up in the air and say “Actually, I just want some beans and oven chips. Maybe an egg. That’s all I want.”

This return to the dinners of your childhood is the nicest thing you can do for yourself.

Because sometimes you just don’t want to make the effort

Cooking is hard. Assembling various breadcrumbed items on a plate is not.

And sometimes saying “Oh let’s just see what’s in the freezer” is such a relief

Maybe you’ll get some veg in, maybe you won’t. But there’s no pressure!

Because it’s also slightly bold, somehow

You’re an adult now, and you’re supposed to boil quinoa and chop up vegetables seven nights a week. But here you are eating potatoes in the shape of smiley faces. You rebel!

And the complete antithesis to #fitfam and its ilk

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There is little to no nutritional value, and everything on the plate is in the same colour family. Dr Eva would faint.

Because you might have changed, but the taste of potato waffles has not

So reliable!

And most importantly – because you can

Sometimes you just have to...

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Oh maaaaaaam, we’re eating chicken GOUJONS again! *cackles*

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