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sleep tight

This big sister played the most devious prank on her little sister as she slept

That’s what older siblings are for.

IF YOU HAVE younger siblings, it is your duty to play pranks on them.

After all, how else will they learn the ways of the world?

Two days ago, Twitter use @clarizzle_   discovered that her little sister was sleeping in her bedroom.

How cute.

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Instead of leaving her sleep in peace, she decided to play a devious prank

Yes, she put a slice of bread on her face.

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And then some more bread.

Cl7pQswUkAAm3ds (1) cLAre / Twitter cLAre / Twitter / Twitter

Before just throwing a whole sliced pan on there.

Forget drops of lavender on your pillow. The key to a restful sleep is putting bread on your face.

Cl7pQvhUoAEoJ3I cLAre / Twitter cLAre / Twitter / Twitter

The tweet has since been shared over 45,000 times.

At least she got a good lunch later…

Ah, big sisters. Where would you be without them?

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