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AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye "Niall, do you love chicken more than you love me?"
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The Dredge: One Direction are mad for the Dublin Nandos
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#HIYA CHICKEN One Direction played their second gig at the O2 in Dublin last night, and there had to have been a percentage of the audience picking chicken out of their teeth.

Our spies in Nandos on Mary Street saw a steady stream of teenage girls coming in all afternoon to ask if Niall Horan and the boys had dropped by and to sample the menu.

You see, Nandos is Niall’s favourite restaurant (after Supermacs of course).

The restaurant manager confirmed that while the band hadn’t had a sit down meal, they did order a takeaway on Wednesday.

Mmmm Peri Peri.

This t-shirt exists


#PEACE MAN Denis Rodman wants to go back to North Korea to broker a peace deal between the country and the US.

Yes, that’s right, former basketball star and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Denis Rodman wants to get Kim Jong-un and Barack Obama in a room together to engage in talks.

Experts have already called the first meeting between Rodman and the North Korean leader an “act of desperation” and “bizarre”. Imagine he managed to pull off something even more incredulous? (CNN)

Rodman just returned from North Korea, and his first stop off back home was… a strip club. (TMZ)

Best stock up on the dolla dolla bills Kim and Obama.


#UNBELIEBABLE Has Justin Bieber gone off the rails?

That’s the question everyone (even The Guardian, so it must be serious) is asking after several incidences of the singer acting the maggot.

The latest was, of course, making fans at a London show wait two hours for him to take to the stage.

Now it’s reported that the powers that be want him to cut down on his partying and cop on. (Mirror)

While you’re at it, would somebody PLEASE take control of his grammar?

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt…

  • Paris Jackson is a cheerleader at her high school. Surely she’s got an unfair advantage when it comes to dance moves? (Daily Mail)
  • Is Kristen Stewart on Team Jacob? She’s been spotted out and about with Taylor Lautner. How could she do this to Edward/Robert. Exhausting (The Sun)
  • Miley Cyrus is pooh-poohing reports that she called off her wedding to Hunger Games star Liam Helmsworth, and is taking a break from social media, saying she’s “sick of the lies”. Insert Achey Breaky Heart joke here (People)
  • Kanye West thinks his cool credentials are sinking now that he’s hooked up with Kim Kardashian. No comment (Radar)

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